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Jugaad Innovations for Rural Surgery

Jugaad Innovation is described as frugal and flexible innovations. It is very important for rural surgeons to learn the Jugaad techniques as they would help them to serve the rural surgical patients better…

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Making Minimally Invasive Surgeries Available and Affordable: A Proposal Presented to Millennium Alliance by SEESHA

The Lancet Commission on Global Health estimates the need for surgical procedures at 5,000 per 100,000 population. In rural areas, the data from the Government and other surveys shows that only about 200 surgeries are carried out per 100,000 population…

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Take Home Messages for Rural Surgeons from Indian Health Policy 2017

The National Health Policy 2017 comes 15 years after the previous national health policy []. It spells out the Sustainable Development Goals. There are several areas that are of interest to the rural surgeons. THE KEY PRINCIPLES THE PRO – POOR POLICIES: The key policy principles talk about the poor… 

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Marketing Gasless Surgery

Gasless laparoscopic surgery is an innovation with great potential. Although the innovation of laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery almost as significant as that of discovery of anesthesia or antisepsis for surgery it has poor market penetration…

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Take Home Messages from WHO-Lancet Commission on Global Surgery National Surgical Forum, Delhi, March 2016

The National Surgical Forum meeting arranged by the Lancet commission on global health and World Health Organization at Delhi was a unique one. It is probably the first time all the stake holders in rural surgical care were brought together…

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Comprehensive Rural Surgical Care: A Proposal for a Pilot Project in Northeast India

It is difficult to meet the surgical needs of the rural population with limited workforce and resources. Efficient use of the available resources could dramatically improve the care of the rural surgical patients…

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Video: Gasless Laparoscopic Surgeries Taking Minimally Invasive Surgery to the Poor – SEESHA

Dr. J. Gnanaraj MS, MCh [Urology], FICS, FARSI, FIAGES is a urologist and laparoscopic surgeon trained at CMC Vellore. He has been appointed as a Professor in the Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Department of Karunya University and is the Director of Medical Services of the charitable organization SEESHA. He has… 

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