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Preventing irrational antibiotic use in kids with URI in India

Introduction Upper respiratory tract infection (URI) is one of the most commonly occurring infections in children, not only in India, but across the general population. It is believed to be one of the most common reasons for visits to a physician, as well as absenteeism from school, in Indian children…. 

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Case Study: Diagnosing pneumonia mimics

By: Dr. Kasim Kolakkadan
Pneumonia has been recognized by the medical profession since ancient times. It is one of the leading causes of infectious deaths in the West and cause of considerable mortality and morbidity in our part of the world. Diagnosis is mostly based on…

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Adverse respiratory health and hematological alterations among agricultural workers occupationally exposed to organophosphate pesticides

In developing countries including India, agricultural workers who are engaged in the occupation of spraying pesticides in crops get the direct exposure of pesticides due to unsafe and non-preventive work practices.

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EGFR mutations in Indian lung cancer patients

The immense scientific advances made in the past decade have facilitated the in depth characterization of different disease subtypes, based on their genetic profiles. This has profound implications in non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) which is the commonest cause of cancer deaths worldwide [1]. The treatment for NSCLC in the past was based mainly on patient related factors like the age, performance status and co morbidities.

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The increasing asthma burden in Indian children – causes and prevention

Asthma is among the most common chronic diseases in children, leading to disability as well as school absenteeism. Childhood asthma is associated with geographical location, environment, and race, as well as behavior and lifestyle. Its impact on family and childhood is considerable, due to the chronic nature of the disease…. 

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Carriage of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in the upper respiratory tract of symptomatic and asymptomatic children

Mycoplasma pneumoniae is considered a major cause of upper and lower respiratory tract infections (RTIs) and respiratory tract disease (RTD) in humans, and particularly in children. Over one-third of the childhood cases of community-acquired pneumonia that require hospitalization are thought to be caused by M. pneumoniae

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