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Cancer and its prevalance, diagnosis and treatment in India and around the world including news, research and the latest learned articles on oncology.

Baby Neglects One Side Breast While Feeding?

In last ten years I have seen nearly 100 cases of breast cancer (with history of somewhat abnormal breast-feeding) that followed demographic details as…

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Mobile Microscopy as a Screening Tool for Oral Cancer in India: A Pilot Study

Oral cancer, through a convergence of behavioral and infrastructural factors, is the most common type of cancer among men in India and other countries of South Asia…

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Study of association and molecular analysis of human papillomavirus in breast cancer of Indian patients: Clinical and prognostic implication

Human papillomavirus is a DNA virus having a 9.2Kb genome. The high-risk subtypes were frequently associated with different cancers, primarily cervical cancer and Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Among the subtypes of…

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Cancer and Diabetes: The Disharmonious Disease Alliance

We need to battle against cancer and diabetes together and in fact, prevention as well as control measures need to be addressed…

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Role of PXR in Hepatic Cancer: Its Influences on Liver Detoxification Capacity and Cancer Progression

Pregnane and Xenobiotic Receptor, acts as a ‘master-regulator’ of expression of components of the detoxification machinery thereby defending the body from the toxic chemical insults…

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Effect of Preoperative Risk Group Stratification on Oncologic Outcomes of Patients with Adverse Pathologic Findings at Radical Prostatectomy

Prostate cancer (PC) has become the most common non-dermatologic cancer among Western men. Due to prostate-specific antigen screening efforts, increasing numbers of PC cases are diagnosed when the tumor is still confined to…

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PI-103 and Quercetin Attenuate PI3K-AKT Signaling Pathway in T- Cell Lymphoma Exposed to Hydrogen Peroxide

PI3K is crucial signal transducing enzyme regulating cell proliferation, cell survival, differentiation, apoptosis and angiogenesis. It is essential for activation of AKT which plays a central role in both physiological and…

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