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Factors influencing feeding practices of extreme poor infants and young children in families of working mothers in Dhaka slums

In recent decades, rapid urbanization with fast population growth has become inescapable in Bangladesh. The demographic dynamics of Bangladesh suggest that the country is undergoing rapid urbanization, particularly due to rural-urban migration…

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The Association of Bread and Rice with Metabolic Factors in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

One of the most important chronic disease seems to be Type 2 diabetes that is rapidly increasing…

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Undernutrition, Vitamin A and Iron Deficiency Are Associated with Impaired Intestinal Mucosal Permeability in Young Bangladeshi Children Assessed by Lactulose/Mannitol Test

Environmental enteropathy is a disorder often subclinical that usually takes place among the residents of low-and middle income (developing) countries where the sanitation is…

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Nutrition and Immunity for Infant and Child Health Workshop

Nutrition plays a critical role in health and development of a nation. Infants and young children represent the most nutritionally vulnerable stages of the life cycle. Young children pay a life-long price from the impacts of undernutrition.

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Coverage of Adequately Iodized Salt Is Suboptimal and Rice Fortification Using Public Distribution Channels Could Reach Low-Income Households

Due to its large population and high burden of malnutrition, India has the highest number of children born vulnerable to iodine deficiency and the greatest number of stunted children in the world…

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Salt Intake and Health Risk in Climate Change Vulnerable Coastal Bangladesh: What Role Do Beliefs and Practices Play?

High blood pressure is the major risk factor of cardiovascular diseases especially heart diseases and stroke. In South East Asia, an estimated 36% adults have hypertension. In Bangladesh more than 27% of all deaths are thought to be associated with cardiovascular diseases…

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Triple Burden of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk among Indian Tribes

Indian tribal populations are experiencing phenomenal changes on the social, cultural, and economic fronts, for the past 50 years [1]. Like all developing countries, large-scale developmental activities and urbanization in India have brought…

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