Quick Case: Asymptomatic case of hodgkin’s lymphoma


A male patient, age 36, visited me for routine seasonal ailments. He was found to have swelling, large in size, in the submental region. Upon detailed investigations, the patient was found to have Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


The patient had an asymptomatic but noticeable swelling on the front side of his neck. The USG and FNAC performed were inconclusive for the diagnosis. An excision biopsy was then done, keeping in mind the possibility of a thyroglossal cyst. To everyone’s surprise, the biopsy revealed Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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Case Presentation

The patient had swelling in the front of his neck, but no other constitutional symptoms. There was nothing particularly concerning about family or personal history.


USG: Swelling
FNAC: Lymphoid tissue
Neck CT scan: Solitary mass – no further information
Excision biopsy: Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Differential Diagnosis

Koch’s lymphadenitis
Thyroglossal cyst

Outcome and Follow-Up

Excision biopsy of the swelling was done, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are still ongoing.

Learning Points/Take Home Messages

Any swelling in the neck should be properly investigated, even if there are no other symptoms.

About The Author

Dr. Vachharajani is an experienced practicing family physician in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with a special interest in obesity and lifestyle-related disorders. With a genuine passion and enthusiasm for healthcare information technology (HIT), he has championed the cause of using HIT in day-to-day clinical practice. In addition to his, MBBS, he holds a post-graduate certificate in environmental and occupational health (PGDMCH).


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