Advice to maximize your time with medical sales representatives

Medical sales representatives can represent a valuable source of knowledge about the latest drugs, devices, and equipment. The key is to learn how to effectively manage meetings with pharmaceutical—and other medical sales—representatives, including the information exchanged, time spent, and follow-up communications.

“Most well-trained [sales representatives] will be only too happy to serve the information needs of doctors.”
-Anup Soans, editor of the pharmaceutical/medical representative field force training Web site

The benefits of learning the latest and best drug and medical device information are...

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    Very informative and thought provoking. A few years ago, marketing futurologists started writing the obituary of detailing as a promotional exercise in the pharma domain but history proved them wrong. Very few if any marketing tool can replace an empathetic personal communication to and with the practicing doctor who too is thirsting for an interaction with an intelligent representative who can add value with focus and in the extremely limited time available.

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