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The Influence of Smoking on Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients

Smoking is significantly associated with increased risks of tuberculous infection, tuberculosis (TB) disease, TB mortality and recurrent TB. TB patients who have smoked are more likely to transmit TB to their…

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Associations between Diabetes and Quality of Life among Breast Cancer Survivors

Previous studies reported that the comorbidity of diabetes may be a risk factor influencing the quality of life (QOL) of patients with breast cancer. Diabetes can shorten the disease-free survival of breast cancer patients and…

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Acute Corneal Hydrops in Children with Primary Infantile Glaucoma

Infantile glaucoma is a form of developmental glaucoma that manifest after one month of birth until 3 years of age. It manifests with megalocornea associated with increase in…

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Oral Tolerance to Environmental Mycobacteria Interferes with Intradermal, but Not Pulmonary, Immunization against Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the leading causes of death due to an infectious agent worldwide, with a yearly mortality of 1.5 million. The World Health Organization estimates that over one-third of the global population is latently infected with…

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Unravelling the Secrets of Mycobacterial Cidality through the Lens of Antisense

It is given that the new generation of drugs that will be used to manage MDR-, XDR-, and TDR-TB must result in cidality under in-vivo conditions. However, the factors that govern in-vitro to the in-vivo translation of cidality are far from…

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An Example of Pre-Mortem Analysis

Post mortem is a familiar word to many. It is where the dead teach the living. It is carried out to find out the cause of death. Unfortunately it does not help the person who died. A pre-mortem — also known as a premortem — is a managerial strategy in which a…

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Immunotherapy for Oncological Cancer: ASCO Focus

Dr. Jamal’s DENVAX is a Dendritic Cell (DC)-based cancer immunotherapy that prevents to the recurrence of cancer after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation because the immune system will need to recognize and attack a smaller number of cancer cells, which was the main theme of the ASCO event…

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