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What your patient’s body tells you when they eliminate waste

What is “normal” when it comes to bodily waste? Bodily waste elimination is an important part of keeping your patients healthy. Changes in color, texture and odor can be indications of good or bad occurring in the body. Below is a simple and easy guide to help you understand what… 

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In The News: May 2013

Below are links to recent news articles of interest to the medical community in India. Please let us know in the comments if you find these articles interesting – or you can share links to other articles that you have read as well.

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Are your online passwords safe?

Today, nearly everyone has passwords for email, banking, social media, and other Web sites. As a doctor, your passwords may protect your email and social media accounts, your practice website, patient information in an EMR/EHR system, and even your money. Passwords are guessed or stolen every day, often by people… 

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Adding ancillary services carries monetary benefits, but poses risks

Independent physicians have the flexibility to add services and treatments to their clinic as patient or market demands change. Although a new procedure, test, or other service can mean more revenue and patients for your clinic, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Each new service carries its… 

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Controlling expenses requires prudence, monitoring, and teamwork

Many physicians see productivity as the sole measure of a healthy clinic. While it is true that a nonproductive clinic cannot stay open (see “To maximize productivity, use benchmarks, delegate tasks, and download free web-based tools”), no amount of productivity can save a clinic from wasteful spending or poor investments…. 

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